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Project Description
SQL Space Map is a tool that lets you quickly and easily view the relative size of database objects on a map, so you can compare them visually. It helps identify large objects, objects with a high index/data ratio, and tables which may be growing more quickly than expected.

SQL Space Mapper screenshot 1.JPG

Licensing note:
This project contains an assembly from Microsoft Research that allows it to render a TreeMap-based view of your data. This assembly is part of a toolkit of "Data Visualization Components" ( Though this project utilizes the MIT License, the Microsoft Research components are licenced on their own under the "Microsoft Research Digital Image" license (found at Please read this license for the specifics, but it essentially allows free modification of this project, but excludes the right to sell it or a derivative work. If you intend to sell this or a derivative work of this project, you must remove the TreeMap component and replace it with another component to which you're grated those rights. However, you're free to download and use this project personally or professionally, and you'll be within the rights of the MSR-DILA. If you have any questions, please consult the text of that license.

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